Beaded Long and Short Stitch

embroidery with beadsEmbroidery looks great all by itself, but sometimes you want a little extra something.  Using beads is a great way to add texture and sparkle.  The embroidery gets little more expressive.

There are three basic methods that can be used to embroider with beads: individual beads may be sewn directly onto fabric, or several beads may be run through a needle before running through the backing, or else a line of threaded beads may be laid upon a fabric and secured with couching stitches.

Danita Fausek in her article on use of beads in long and short stitch has shown how these simple stitches in combination create a beautiful, shaded sparkling embroidery.  Read more

Few things to remember while doing embroidery with beads

-Always insert your needle straight, inserting a needle at an angle makes beads spaced too far apart or will bunch in together making little bulges in your rows.

-When you string next set of beads, then push them down to where your earlier thread exists.

– If row of bead embroidery looks a little wobbly, try running your thread through the beads once or twice after you finish each row of bead embroidery. The extra thread will help fill up those bead holes and make them line up straight.

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