Year 2016-2017 at Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild

Here is the recap of what we did at KEG during the year:

Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild Exhibition 2016

This took place in October 2016 and was a great success.

Mary Hicmott Master Class  In November 2016

In November Mary came to Kenya for a holiday and whilst here taught a single master class in canvas work using both wools and perle threads which was a great success.  The kits came in several different colours .

EAWL  Homecraft

Also in November 2016 the EAWL held its annual Homecrafts exhibition.  Many members entered items and won prizes.  We had a stand displaying the guild kits and a table selling kits, threads etc.  It generated quite a lot of interest in the guild.

The Guild Challenge

In the early part of 2016 we set the challenge which was to embroider a design which was printed onto the fabric.  Even though nearly 30 kits were sold, there were only 4 finished items but they were stunning.  Susan Crous won with her multicoloured one, shown on bottom right.

Amazing embroidery techniques learned and kits done during each KEG monthly meetings 2016

There was an embroidered lace tissue cover, a Shashiko and Shishi mug bag, canvas work on card, canvas work humbug, candlewicking cushion, drawn thread work sampler, embroidered ipad cover and a blackwork card.  wow!!

Year 2012 at Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild

KEG wishes all the members Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.

Our Guild enjoyed another busy year with variety of stitches and techniques. Once again this year we got the opportunity to learn fabulous techniques from Mary Hicmott.

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January:  Reviewed the 2011 year end bag project which involved a variety of stitches and techniques– pulled thread, chicken scratch, French knots, several embroidery stitches and various ways of using ribbon to make flowers. Gail demonstrated the Spiders Web Stitch and reminded us how to make the ribbon roses.

Pocket tissue holder

February: Cross Stitch basics and some advanced techniques as well as tips on how to keep the stitch work back neat.

Canvas Work Pin Cushion

March: Canvas Work Pin Cushion with a velvet backing. The kit was inspired by the colors of the rainbow i.e. starting with red, orange, yellow green etc.   However Gail encouraged us to change the order to create a scheme that we like.


April: Italian Quilting / Trapunto Tin Embellishment

Assis work card Fridge magnet

May:  Kenya embroiderer’s Guild held its 5th Annual General Meeting on the 10th of May 2012.  Gail Langton  was elected as the KEG chairperson.  After the AGM, Gail Langton held the workshop on Assis Work card and Cross Stitch on paper Fridge Magnet.

Assisi embroidery is done by cross stitching the background and leaving the design empty, or voided (unstitched).  This craft was originated in the Italian town of Assisi in the 13th century. The colours of thread used were the traditional ones of red, blue, green or gold for the background, and black or brown for the outlines.


June:  Gail had the sad task of informing members of the death of our friend Rowena Buxton on Monday 11th June.  As you know, Rowena was the creator of our wonderful monthly newsletters, and she was also an inspiration in her stitching – she would often do things in her own way, producing superb results with different stitches and colours.  She was a stalwart member of the Committee, and her support will be missed in so many ways.

The topic this month was Needleweaving.  The kit was a gorgeous notebook cover (designed to fit the small Kartasi hardback notebook, but you could easily adapt it for other purposes).  As usual, Gail has supplied very clear and comprehensive instructions with lots of pictures.


July:  We did some Sashiko at the guild.  Sashiko is a form of Japanese folk embroidery using the basic running stitch to create a patterned background. The geometric patterns include straight or curved lines of stitching arranged in a repeating pattern. The Japanese word Sashiko means little stabsand refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework. Inspiration for traditional sashiko designs usually comes from nature, such as clouds, rippling water or waves, flowers and leaves. Designs can also be very geometric featuring interlocking lines, stars, squares, triangles and circles. Tessellating designs – repeating shapes that are interlocked – are also very common motifs in sashiko embroidery.

August: No meeting as the guild is close for this month.

leatherbeadworkSeptember: Beading on Leather presented by KEG member Donna Pido. The kit she has put together makes up a ‘Maasai watch’ which began to be made in imitation of the wristwatches of early European and Asian settlers. Donna gave us several handy hints for managing beads.  Donna showed us examples of beadwork on recycled plastic from a jerrycan and rubber from an inner tube.


October:  It is wonderful to have Mary Hicmott, the creator and the editor of The New stitches magazine at our Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild. She conducted 6 days of master classes on Bargello, Dorset feather, Lagartera embroidery, Needle weaving, Shadow work and Stump work.

smocking ornamentDSC00489

November:  This month we did Smocking technique at the guild. The kit makes a beautiful Smoking Ornament.


December:  The year end project at the guild was this beautiful Decorative wreath. 

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