Cancellation of KEG monthly August meeting

Dear members please note that we will not be having 8th August 2017 meeting.

The next meeting is on 14th September 2017.


Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild AGM 2017

Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild held its 10th Annual General Meeting on 11th May 2017. At the AGM Chairman’s Gail Langton announced her decision of stepping down as a KEG chairman.

Outgoing Chairman’s Message

I cannot believe it is May 2017 already.  Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready for the exhibition and nearly a year has passed.

I am sorry for the lack of newsletters in this time –with so many of the committee travelling etc the newsletter slipped through the cracks as it were.  Still we hope to be better this year!  So this newsletter might be a little longer  than normal as I will try and capture the past year’s event in one!!!

As many of you know we held the AGM on the 11th of May and I stepped down as chairman.  It had been a decision not taken lightly but i do feel that after 10 years at the helm it is time for the boat to be steered by someone else.  I will still be heavily involved with the guild – after all it was my baby and i have loved seeing it grow and change into the thriving Guild we have today.

KEG 2017 Committee

Chairman Vicky Cole
 Co Vice Chairman Ravinder Chana
Co Vice Chairman Mamta Shah
Secretary/Treasurer Frances Cattermole
Treasurer Shila Shah
Membership Bubby Ghataure
Library Anita Eden
Catering Nita Shah
Catering Rupal Patel
PR Bharti Shah
Immediate Past Chairman Gail Langton

Chairman’s Report 2015

So another year has passed and another AGM is upon us. As I write this I cast my mind back to the first meeting the committee ever held…. In the coffee shop at the Sarit centre when we discussed whether a guild could or would work.  It could it did and continues to grow. And I am amazed when I stop and think how much the guild has done in the past twelve months.

In October we once again held a joint exhibition with the quilt guild at the Sarit centre. I must thank all the Ladies who worked so hard on this whilst I was away in UK. I have heard nothing but praise for the exhibits we had on display.

We have continued to hold monthly meetings at which we teach new subjects. This year we have covered stitching with raffia, Pulled thread work, Brazilian embroidery, embellished crazy quilting, rustic appliqué, free style embroidery Portuguese white work and laid work.  My thanks go to those who have been assisting and teaching these subjects.

We have also altered the layout of the meeting hall which I hope members are finding more friendly and conducive to stitching.  Talking of members we had over 70 paid up members up to March this year.. I do hope you will renew your membership if you haven’t already. Remember as a member you get discounts off the kits, first chance to sign up for the master classes and you receive the monthly newsletters.

As we go into the next year we are hoping to hold some more masterclasses. Discussions are under way with Mary Hickmott. We hope to be able to hold some “home grown” classes as well.  We have been asked if we would do a children’s master class too. – maybe during the long holidays?… This would depend on the level of interest we get.

Talking of the next year we have some lovely subjects planned for the coming months and I am looking forward to seeing these ideas come to fruition. The meetings and all the work that goes into their running is a joint effort from all the committee and those who whilst not being on the committee are always ready with offers of help.  Without these ladies the guild would not continue. I won’t mention any names but will say a huge thank you to each and every one of you.

Lastly my thanks go to you, the members. If you didn’t come to the meetings showing your support and interest the guild would not exist. I hope you all enjoy the forthcoming year and continue to learn, grow your projects and make new friends.




KEG Meeting June 2013

Our KEG chairman Gail Langton welcomed the all the members.  This year looks all exciting at KEG as we are learning variety of stitches along with different variations in them which leads to beautiful embroidery.

Members were given special Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild membership cards on which they can receive special discounts from different shops on embroidery materials.

The Guild is going to have sequel  to ‘The Magical Art of Stitches’ exhibition presented by the KEG /KQG in 18 months time:-)  The exhibition will be held at Sarit centre for the first weekend in October 2014.

This month KEG workshop was on Zalakdozi.


Zalakdozi,  essentially means chain stitch. This embroidery carries an international market and is known as one of the finest and expensive works of art. It is an exclusive embroidery that comes from the state of Kashmir in Inida, and thus popularly known as ‘Kashmiri’.  There has been many claims on how this type of hookware embroidery originated. There is a belief that it originated along with crochet ( a french craft), where hooks called the ‘tambour’ hooks were used to create chain stitch.

Gail gave us vital information on fabric and counts used in embroidery. What count is, hpi is and how it affects the embroidery. You can view these following articles on blog related to counts and fabric for embroidery.

Gail briefed us about the upcoming amazing stitching workshops that will be carried out in the coming months.

dorset_feather_tissueholder11th July 2013 Dorset feather pocket tissue holder. Dorset feather stitchery, the tissue packet holder we displayed at the exhibition. This is going to take you a step further with your daisy chain and introduces whipped chain stitch.  It will also cover button hole stitch and fly stitch – once again fun to do.

Agama Lizard


Following a lot of requests that we have a meeting in August.

Workshop on lovely Agama lizard, covering cross stitch using the technique of blending.

2partprojectsep-oct13September 2013 will start a two part project – making a tissue box cover which will be decorated with assorted flowers using woven picots.  In September we will learn the ‘extra’ stitches needed to form the stalks, leaves, ribbons etc.  This will cover stem stitch, fly stitch, satin stitch etc.

October 2013 will be continuation of the tissue box.  This month we will learn the woven picots to place onto the stalks, leaves etc sewn the month before.

Members  do check our kits box as it is filled with some amazing embroidery kits. These kits can be bought for just Ksh 400 and ksh 500 for non members.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild meeting on 11th July .


KEG Chairman Gail Langton’s Annual Report for the year 2012-2013

Dear members,

Firstly may I give my apologies – this is only the third meeting i have missed since the guild started in 2007 and I’m sorry it is the AGM!!  I have gone to UK to see my daughter perform in a play at university.  I however welcome any new members and hope you enjoy today and continue to support the guild.

And on with my chairman’s report.  This is our sixth AGM and it continues to amaze me how much we get done in a single year.

This year has had its ups and downs.  In June we lost one of our most active members when Rowena died so tragically.  Rowena was a rock and did the most magnificent job as our newsletter editor.  I still miss seeing her at the meetings … She always made sure what we taught was clearly recorded in the newsletters for those who missed the meetings and never failed to amaze me with all the research she did.  She was also instrumental in getting our website up and running.

On the good side we were lucky enough to have Mary Hickmott come out again in September to teach a series of six master classes.  It was supposed to be just five but we had such a difficult time trying to decide which subject not to do we did them all!!!  You may well have seen some of the finished pieces in the magical art of stitches exhibition which was held just last month.

This exhibition was a joint effort put on with the Kenya quilt guild.  It was the first time a combined show has been held and judging from all the great comments we have received it was a huge success.  On the embroidery side there were nearly 200 pieces on display and I know many of the visitors were stunned to learn it was all hand sewn!!  One gentleman asked me where he could purchase the machine we used to make these pictures!!!  We had 20 new members sign up during it, and many more expressed interest.  Before the exhibition we upgraded all our kits to a more professional look and over 100 kits were sold during the three days.    The exhibition could not have happened without lots of helpers.  People helped in many ways-  with the organisation, hanging the pieces, selling raffle tickets, assisting the public, answering questions and then when it was all over taking the whole thing down.  I won’t name anyone as each and every person who assisted was a star and it would not have happened without you!!

During the course of the year we continued to hold our monthly meetings teaching new and exciting techniques and this year we covered Sashiko, Needle weaving, beading, smocking, Catherine De Medici cross stitch on even weave and Lamu hat embroidery.  The yearend project was a Christmas wreath which involved a lot of tearing up of fabric – such fun!

We have recently changed the format of the meeting to allow for stitching time and we are hoping that this meets with the members approval.

And just before I finish I would like to thank my committee for all the help and support they have given me, especially today, and for all the hard work they do which leaves me more stitching time.

Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild AGM 2013

Kenya embroiderer’s Guild held its 6th Annual General Meeting on the 9th of May 2013.

At the AGM Chairman’s Gail Langton annual report was read and the financial report was presented.

The Committee elected on the KEG board is as follows:

Chairman Gail Langton
Vice Chairman Heather Campbell
Secretary Frances Cattermole
Treasurer Shila Shah
Asst Treasurer Bubby Ghataure
Librarian Anita Eden
Public Relations
Newsletter Editor Vicky
Membership & Catering Sonal Gadhia
Kits Vicky Cole
KEG Blog Shefali Kalpre
Member Gill Rebelo
Member Nita Shah
Member Rupal Patel

After the AGM, the Jewellery roll in herringbone variation stitches was taught.  As always kits were available for this project, and for the first time we have split the kits into two parts. One contains all you need to make a basic roll and the other the additional items to make a more fancy version with zippered pockets etc.,  

jwellery roll1 jwellery roll2

KEG March 2013 Meeting


Gail, KEG chairperson addressed members about the upcoming Kenya Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition and the workshops that will be held at the guild in the coming months.

DSC00594 DSC00592

Gail wants members to do some actual stitching at the monthly meetings.  So from this meeting on-wards we will start together stitching the ‘Kit of the month’ or if you are not interested in that particular kit then bring some of our own projects to work on.  This way, people are around to help us get started if necessary.

 Lamuhatstitchsample1  lamuhatstitch2  DSC00599  DSC00595

Donna Pido demonstrated the embroidery technique used to make Lamu hats.  Lamu is Kenya’s oldest living town and it has retained all the charm and character over the centuries. The majority of the population is Muslim. These men wear these traditional embroidered caps. We had kits available to do hands on work shop with Donna as she taught us.

A membership subscription is due for the year. Hope most of you have done the membership renewal.

Show and tell of the month:

DSC00572 DSC00573  DSC00574

DSC00584  DSC00585  DSC00580

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