2013 September and October at KEG

photo (10) compressed EAWL Homecraft Exhibition  : KEG participated in EAWL homecraft exhibition which was held from 18th to 20th photo (8)compressedSeptember.  This exhibition gives members an opportunity to see a huge variety of exquisite and inspiring craftwork.  The KEG displayed all its kits and pieces from Mary’s classes, and publicity information.

September and October  2-part kit!  It makes this amazing tissue box cover, featuring woven picots, and is really beautiful.  It is a tissue box cover with four different sides and a top featuring a dragonfly!

october 13 picott stitch tissue box compressed 2partprojectsep-oct13 october 13 picott stitch top of tissue box compressed2

The first part conducted in September covered the ‘foundation stitches’ ie the stem, chain, satin, blanket etc stitches, and in the October meeting Gail tought the woven picots.  This kit ended up much more elaborate than originally imagined, as Gail was having such fun designing the flowers and insects, and incorporating as many stitches as possible.

As always Gail’s instructions are very clear and comprehensive.  Here are a few more tips:

  • To thread a needle, fold the end of the thread over, pinch it tight and squeeze through the eye of the needle.  DO NOT LICK (or if you must, make sure that the licked end ends up as the waste knot or end threaded under threads)
  • Use a waste knot, ie tie a knot in the end, go down into fabric a little way from where you need to be and start stitching – when you finish, cut knot off and thread tail under the back of your stitches
  • Tracing the design on to the fabric – can be done with water-soluble pen (NB not air-soluble), tailor’s chalk, slivers of soap, or dressmaker’s carbon and a tracing pen.  You can put the fabric on a light box (will be available at the October meeting) or up against a window to make it easier
  • If you have dangling edges of fabric round the hoop, keep them out of the way with a few stitches, pegs or clips
  • Stem stitch – often found difficult but Gail says she’s cracked it – always stitch on your line (not from one side to the other as on the diagram) and the thread will push the stitch neatly to the side.  Use the same size stitches and hold the thread towards you against the fabric.  In this kit, some of the stems need two rows of stem stitch for a thicker stem
  • French knots – the size of the final knot will depend on the number of turns and the tightness, so the instructions are just a guide
  • Feather stitch – if it is helpful, draw a line either side of the centre line of the leaf to go back into each time
  • Satin stitch – the critical thing here is to keep stitching in the same direction – although it is tempting to go backwards and forwards to save thread, DON’T DO IT, it won’t look right.  If you don’t mind what the back looks like, it is really helpful to do a few stitches spaced across the area to be filled, then to go back and fill them in.  In this kit, for the fuchsia leaves, do some spaced stitches from the edge of the leaf to the centre on each side, then draw the scalloped edges between these stitches, then fill in the spaces.



Embroidery and Quilting classes held on 12th, 13th and 14th April 2013

There will be embroidery and quilting classes open to the general public during the show. The majority of which will be taught by either Sheryl or Gail, with a guess teacher.  Please see the schedule below.  Costs for these classes will be 500/= which will include all the materials required for the session.  The classes will run for one hour.

DSC00589 DSC00587 dorsetfeather_exhibitionkit

Class schedules:

Friday 12th April 2013:          10 -30 a.m.      KEG Plastic canvas work

                                                                                       – fridge shopping list

                                                         11.30 a  .m.      KQG Valentine’s Day beginner’s


                                                         2.00 p.m.         KEG Plastic canvas work

                                                                                       – fridge shopping list

                                                         3 .00 p.m.        KQG Tucks Made Easy

 Saturday 13th April 2013:    10 -30 a.m.     KEG Assisi work – flower card

                                                         11.30 a.m.        KQG Paper Piecing

                                                         2.00 p.m.         KEG Assisi work – flower card

                                                         3 .00 p.m.        KQG Appliqué Made Easy

Sunday 14th april 2013:        10 -30 a.m.      KEG Dorset feather Stitchery

                                                                                      – tissue cover/holder

                                                        11.30 a.m.        KQG Paper Piecing

                                                        2.00 p.m.         KEG Dorset feather Stitchery

                                                                                      – tissue cover/holder

                                                        3 .00 p.m.        KQG Valentine’s Day beginner’s


Update on KQG and KEG Exhibition in April 2013

Ladies exactly one month remaining for our ‘The Exhibition Day’.

The exhibition committee is doing great and working hard in getting things organized for the joint exhibition with Kenya Quilt Guild to be held at the Sarit Centre, 12-14 April 2013.  The exhibition is going to have sections exhibiting different stitching techniques used, historical, cushions, Mary Hicmott’s masterclass pieces, the year end bag projects and an African design section. etc.  Hope you all are ready with your work stitched and framed. Visitors will be asked to vote for a ‘People’s Choice’ winner for the quilting and the embroidery sections.

Members are requested to volunteer some time, minimum 2 hours during these 3 days of exhibition. We need volunteers to help us on the door, selling raffle tickets, helping with the workshops, general patrolling and answering queries from the public or helping at the ‘boutique’.  Please contact Rupal Patel on rupalrajeshpatel@yahoo.in to give your convenient time and day.

DSC00587  DSC00589

Each day of the exhibition a mini workshop of 1 hour will be held three times a day. KEG is going to teach a new technique every day. KQG aswell are holding small workshops on techniques. KEG workshops will be on Assisi work Card, Fridge magnet notepad and Dorset stitch tissue holder. Buy lots of raffle tickets as you can some exciting, exquisite things like a beautiful quilt done by KQG , beginners embroidery kit, tapestry kit, table cloth and standalone frame.

Gail has spent many, many hours in the last few weeks making sure there are plenty of kits and giving the instructions a bit of a makeover.  There are  now up to four boxes of kits!  They do look great – very professional – and now include more goodies, eg card mounts with double sided tape, and needles. (NB stuffing not included as too bulky)  They will now cost 400/= to members, 500/= to non-members.

Please fill the form regarding how many pieces of work you are exhibiting and email it to Gail. Please note exhibition committee need to start planning of hanging and arranging of the exhibits.

*KEG: Kenya Embroiderers’ Guild, KQG: Kenya Quilt Guild

Embroidery Exhibition

ciciworkCrewel Embroiderykeg1

Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild jointly with Kenya Quilt Guild is going to have an embroidery exhibition on 12th, 13th and 14th April 2013. The exhibition is going to be held at Sarit center, Westlands, Nairobi.

Members, start embroidering and exhibit your exclusive pieces of work.

More details to come soon.

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