The Festival of Stitches – An Exhibition by Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild from 28th February to 1st March 2020 at Sarit Centre

An exhibition to celebrate the excellence and diversity of stitches produced by members of the Kenya Embroiderers Guild and Kenya Quilt Guild. 

Opening Times/Charges:
Friday – Sunday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. ENTRY FREE

Address: Loita Exhibition Hall, Sarit Centre, Westlands

Festival of stitches

Master classes by Mary Hickmott (The creator and the editor of New Stitches Magazine)


Master Classes by Elizabeth Almond this Februray 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 !!!

As a treat for the start of new year Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild will be hosting Elizabeth Almond to conduct master classes in February.

Although they are called master classes we anticipate beginners too and the instructions are very comprehensive. 

The details are as follows:

Masterclasses to be held on 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th of February 2018.

Member pay Ksh 2500/- and non-members Ksh 3000/-.

Timings: 9.30am to 3.30pm (with an hours break for lunch).

Venue: The Simba Union, Forest Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

To register please contact:

Gail Langton – 0733 739585 ,,   

 Vicky cole – 0717 197214,


Blackwork Technique – 5th February 2018

Blackwork embroidery is a very old form of counted-thread embroidery. This embroidery involves geometric designs and is traditionally worked in black thread on white even-weave fabric.




Kogin technique – 6th February 2018

Kogin embroidery is traditional Japanese stitching technique that was born in the Northern area of Japan. It is known for its hand stitching technique, in which cotton thread is stitched through each hole of the indigo colored fabric. The designs are unique in their symmetry and resemble pattern darning in the way they are worked up.




Pulled Thread work Technique – 7th February 2018

Also known as Drawn thread work, Pulled thread work is a form of counted-thread embroidery.  Stitches are worked around groups of threads in the base fabric to form gaps, creating lacy, airy fillings, bands, border and hems.




Whitework technique – 9th February 2018

Whitework embroidery is an embroidery technique in which the embroidery is done with white thread on a white fabric. The embroidery looks very elegant and can be worked in a variety of techniques, hardanger embroidery, Mountmellic embroidery, pulled or drawn thread etc.



Enroll now and reserve your place.


The Guild Challenge for 2017 :-)

The Guild Challenge.

For 2017 we have again set the members a challenge – this time to take the packet of materials and produce an embroidery with the theme of bird(s).

Let your creativity begin:-)

Check Trish burr’s blog for some amazing embroidered birds… Trish Burr’s blog


Year 2016-2017 at Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild

Here is the recap of what we did at KEG during the year:

Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild Exhibition 2016

This took place in October 2016 and was a great success.

Mary Hicmott Master Class  In November 2016

In November Mary came to Kenya for a holiday and whilst here taught a single master class in canvas work using both wools and perle threads which was a great success.  The kits came in several different colours .

EAWL  Homecraft

Also in November 2016 the EAWL held its annual Homecrafts exhibition.  Many members entered items and won prizes.  We had a stand displaying the guild kits and a table selling kits, threads etc.  It generated quite a lot of interest in the guild.

The Guild Challenge

In the early part of 2016 we set the challenge which was to embroider a design which was printed onto the fabric.  Even though nearly 30 kits were sold, there were only 4 finished items but they were stunning.  Susan Crous won with her multicoloured one, shown on bottom right.

Amazing embroidery techniques learned and kits done during each KEG monthly meetings 2016

There was an embroidered lace tissue cover, a Shashiko and Shishi mug bag, canvas work on card, canvas work humbug, candlewicking cushion, drawn thread work sampler, embroidered ipad cover and a blackwork card.  wow!!

Stitch fun series – Ebroidering different types of petals

Good morning! Sharing with you all today one of the link from Mary’s website of embroidering different types of petals.

rose-leaf-stitch-01 raised-fishbone-01 mission-rose-embroidery-53 Long_Short_Stitch_197 Long_Short_Stitch_133 closed-cretan-stitch-leaf-16

Do you want to add more variety to your hand embroidery projects by stitching different types of leaves or flowers?

After all, when you look at flowers and foliage in their natural setting, they’re rarely exactly the same!

Since flowers and leaves are probably the most common motif in hand embroidery, it’s good to have a whole arsenal of stitching techniques on hand for embroidering them.

Here are sixteen different ways you can embroider leaves and flower petals.

Read more 

Show and Tell for September 2015

The amazing work displayed by our members 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Stitch fun series – Shisha Embroidery

Shisha embroidery – or mirror embroidery – is kind of addicting, you know?

You get started with the traditional shisha stitch, and before you know it, variation after variation presents itself – all of them lending to further adornment with more stitches – and the next thing you know, every time you turn around, you’re thinking of some other way to attach mirrors to fabric!

To read more click here

Swedish Embroidery

swedis embroiderySwedish weaving — also called Huck darning and Huck embroidery — combines darning, embroidery and weaving to create decorative edges for pillows, towels, blankets, tablecloths, place mats, etc. The designs are usually geometric in nature, and worked primarily along the surface of the cloth rather than going up and down through the cloth. This embroidery is a free hand style of that utilises stem stitch, satin stitch, feather stitch and French knots to great effect.

swedish embroidery2

Read more about this embroidery on following websites:

MARY HICKMOTT’S MASTER CLASSES 2014 – Details of the Projects



Details of the projects being taught in each session

Although they are called master classes we anticipate beginners too and the instructions are very comprehensive.  Those who have done embroidery before will probably make faster progress than newcomers, but all should have no problem finishing the projects given time.

Class will start at 9.30am and finish by 3.30pm.

candlewickingCANDLEWICKING  – 25th February 2014

This incorporates the use of colonial knots and stem stitch together.  Whilst doing this class you will also learn how to trace designs onto your fabric.  Using 28 count Annabelle fabric and Caron Watercolour threads that change colour along their length the effect is quite simple but stunning.

swedis embroiderySWEDISH EMBROIDERY – -26th February 2014

A free hand style of embroidery that utilises stem stitch, satin stitch, feather stitch and French knots to great effect. It is sewn on felt using 13 colours of Appletons Crewel wool and the finished size can be up to 8 x 12 inches.  This class gives you the chance to experiment and will be good fun.

Fine HardangerFINE HARDANGER – 27th February 2014

This project uses 28 count even weave and anchor perle in sizes 8 and 12.  The thicker thread is variegated and it is lovely to see the colour running through from blues to pinks as you sew.  It is finer than ‘standard’ hardanger which gives it a lacier effect.  Careful counting is required to start off, but the project soon grows quickly

Cherries in frame_1


This design incorporates several stitches whilst using only four colours of anchor tapestry wool.  It is sewn on 12 count canvas so still has a delicate look to it despite being sewn in wool.  The cherries in the centre are ‘tufted and give a lovely 3D effect, whilst the border uses several counted canvas stitches to complete the design.’

2014 3 work togetherWESSEX EMBROIDERY – 5th March 2014

A counted technique with a difference. Each square is filled in with a pattern using chain stitch, fly stitch, straight stitch and French knots using 14 different colours in a variety of combinations.  This is sewn on 28 count even weave using anchor stranded cottons.

2014 gold threadGOLDEN ILLUSION – 6th March2014

This is a spectacular project sewn on Red 14 count Aida using 3 of the Krenik range of gold metallic threads namely Cord, fine braid and 1/16th ribbon.  Each section in the completed sampler is a different pattern and stitch.  Whilst this project has the most variety of stitches it is also a joy to stitch due to the ease of using aida and the very clear concise instructions.

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