About Us

The Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild was started up in 2007 when two very keen and enthusiastic ladies were given the option of starting up a guild and then receiving a huge number of embroidery books as a gift.  These two founder members did not hesitate for a moment and with great enthusiasm and diligence set about forming the Kenya Embroiderer’s Guild.

This generous gift of books now forms the basis of the present very considerable Guild Library from which members can borrow books for a very small charge.

Initially the main objective of Guild was to offer a place where keen and like-minded needle crafters could  meet to discuss and exchange ideas.   It did not take long to recognize that there was a very broad range of interest amongst the members and our members were keen to learn about other techniques and stitches.  Since the first meeting we have covered a vast amount of techniques, and at each meeting we attempt to teach a new one.   It was this sharing of knowledge among the members that has developed into the format of the Guild meetings we have today.

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