Stitch fun series – Ebroidering different types of petals

Good morning! Sharing with you all today one of the link from Mary’s website of embroidering different types of petals.

rose-leaf-stitch-01 raised-fishbone-01 mission-rose-embroidery-53 Long_Short_Stitch_197 Long_Short_Stitch_133 closed-cretan-stitch-leaf-16

Do you want to add more variety to your hand embroidery projects by stitching different types of leaves or flowers?

After all, when you look at flowers and foliage in their natural setting, they’re rarely exactly the same!

Since flowers and leaves are probably the most common motif in hand embroidery, it’s good to have a whole arsenal of stitching techniques on hand for embroidering them.

Here are sixteen different ways you can embroider leaves and flower petals.

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