Show and Tell for September 2015

The amazing work displayed by our members 🙂

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Challenge Kit 2015

Challenge kit

The Guild Challenge.  The idea is to sew an embroidery with the theme “The Sea” or “The seashore”.  This gives a lot of lee way in so far as you could stitch a landscape, fish, boats etc.  In the kit is a larger piece of material. This is to be used as the base for your embroidery.   Should you not like the colour fee free to use another fine material on top e.g. china silk.  Also supplied are a few smaller pieces which can be used as part of the design.  A small selection of threads and beads are also provided.

You may (and in fact are actively encouraged to!) add to the items supplied.

There are a few rules.  The finished piece must be no bigger than the material supplied and no smaller that 8 x 8 inches.  You must use part of at least half of the items supplied.  You must use a minimum of 5 different stitches (using the same stitch with different colours counts as one!)  You must attach a piece of lace or fabric in some way (appliqué, lace roses etc)..  You must use some form of embellishments (beads, buttons sequins etc)

The date to hand your piece in is now January 14th 2016 – so start stitching!!!

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