Pulled thread embroidery

Pulled thread embroidery

Pulled thread embroidery

Pulled thread embroidery is a form of counted thread embroidery.  Also known as drawn fabric, is a form of whitework that does not involve cutting the fabric threads.

The lacy effect is created by applying tension to the stitching thread and pulling the thread tight. The more tension applied, the wider the open area becomes.  Earlier samplers in the 17th and 18th centuries contained pulled work. The technique was made popular by peasant women imitating the fine, and expensive, laces.

Drawn thread embroidery, however, is where fabric threads are cut and withdrawn, leaving a hole.

Unlike normal needlework, in pulled work the stitches themselves are not always meant to be seen. Instead the holes or perforations caused by the movement of the fabric threads create the pattern. For this reason the best results are obtained by using the same coloured threads and fabric.

Another benefit of using the same colour thread is that any traveling stitches, taken to keep the pull on a stitch when moving to a different row, are not visible.

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